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About us

We raise voice and connect voices for a free united democratic Balochistan.  This interactive Baloch site is for you to share news, videos, articles and other  information about  Balochistan.  Your input is valuable for us.

One hundred years of freedom struggle of Baloch people is coming closer to victory that we all shall celebrate around the world with the peace loving democratic people who always supported us and remembered us in their voices prayers lights and positive energies.

Balochistan is a victim of trust and treaties made with British in nineteenth century, as pay back they slowly divided us into four parts and made us a prey for neighboring nations.  The eastern part of Balochistan (Karachi, Derajat, Khan Garh Jacobabad) was taken on lease from the Baloch king, included in British India that is now in all three provinces of Pakistan.  Western part of Balochistan (Strait of Hurmag (denamed as Hurmus)  Kambran (Bandar Abbass) Chahbahar, Sistan to the Golden Triangle divided and handed over to Iran by Goldsmith treaty, Northern Balochistan (Nimroch, Helmund, Rek of Kandhar) included in Afghanistan by Durand treaty, the last free part the central Balochistan was 0ccupied by Pakistan.

The neighboring people of Iran Afghanistan Sindh who believe in justice and freedom do not support occupation policies of their regimes and endorse the right of  Baloch people to reunite and restore sovereignty of Balochistan.  United we win the peaceful coexistence in region of birth of the human civilization.