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Two commanders suspended for violating discipline, Azad Baloch is our only official spokesperson

Two commanders suspended for violating discipline, Azad Baloch is our only official spokesperson

This is the translation of the statement of the Baloch Liberation Army’s High Command which was published in Urdu on 2nd December 2017.

QUETTA: High Command of the BLA released a statement on Saturday about suspension of our two area commanders indefinitely for violating organisation’s discipline and trying to create anarchy within organisation. Two secondary organisational spokesperson Jeehand and Meerak were also terminated.

The high command of the Baloch Liberation Army has suspended Aslam Baloch and Bashirzeb Baloch for trying to create anarchy within the organisation and violating the discipline. On 1st June 2017 Aslam Baloch visited India without permission from the BLA high command. A disciplinary committee was formed by the leadership to investigate Aslam’s actions. It was initially decided that the organisation will wait for Aslam Baloch to return from India and then he will be questioned about his visit.

However, in the meantime organisation received information that Aslam is conspiring against the BLA, an emergency meeting was called by the high command and it was decided that BLA will inform the Baloch Nation about his visit to India. On 24 July, the Baloch Liberation Army in a press release informed media that Aslam Baloch’s decision to go to India was his personal choice and that it was not an organisational policy of BLA.

The committee has also suspended Jeehand Baloch (a name in use of Beshirzeb Baloch) a secondary spokesperson of BLA. But, after the statement of BLA, spokesperson Jeehand name was used by Bashirzeb to issue a fake statement to media claiming that party’s social media pages and website have been hacked by people working for Pakistani intelligence agencies. Jeehand statement was, in fact, untrue and an attempt to mislead organisation’s members, Baloch nation and media about the BLA. Bashirzeb also created new fake social media pages and websites in the name of BLA with the intention to divide the organisation and bring anarchy.

When Aslam Baloch returned from India, several times he was asked to come and appear before the committee, handover organisation’s satellite phones, fake accounts and answer about his visit to India, but Aslam not only refused to appear before the disciplinary committee but he and Bashirzeb kept violating policies and the discipline.

Aslam Baloch also facilitated and helped some religious extremists in the area and helped them to establish a military camp. Such actions are harmful to Baloch national liberation struggle on the national and international level. BLA disowns and distances itself from the personal wrong decisions and actions of Aslam Baloch. In the past, we have neither supported nor opposed the religious groups. We did, however, took action against those religious elements who directly opposed Baloch national struggle by collaborating with Pakistan state to physically harm Baloch freedom fighters or Baloch civilians.

Baloch Liberation Army does not back the actions which were claimed by the suspended spokespersons Jeehand Baloch’s decision to support the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF’s) anti-media campaign where they have threatened to harm innocent local journalists. Jeehand Baloch in fact, accepted the responsibility of attacks on media offices and cable operators in Noshi and Khuzdar in the name of BLA. We want to make it clear that BLA doesn’t support such actions and the anti-media campaign which was initiated by these rogue element.

Journalists in Balochistan despite immense pressure from Pakistani state forces have refused to conspire against Baloch struggle and refrained from working for the state against Baloch freedom struggle. Balochistan is one of the dangerous places in the world for journalists because they have been under continuous pressure and threatened with dire consequences by Pakistani state apparatus. Pakistani state army has killed many Baloch journalists from fulfilling their journalistic responsibilities. Some of whom include Javid Nasir Rind, Siddique Eddo, Ilyas Nazar, Lala Hameed, Haji Abdul Razzaq, Munir Shakir and several others.

Our organisation understands that journalists are under extreme pressure but we expect the journalists to be honest to their profession and report facts so that public becomes aware of the truth. Our ideal is not Pakistani state, we are struggling for a free and democratic Balochistan. We will not use our energy against journalists and other innocent professionals.

The current leadership of BLF (Balochistan Liberation Front) has been supporting these anarchist commanders and wanted to change the policy of the Baloch Liberation Army. These two commanders of the BLA, wanted to turn our organisation into an Iranian proxy like the BLF and in this conspiracy, they were also supported by Naela Quadri.

One year ago, the organisation (BLA) formed a three-member committee for negotiations about unity and coordination with Balochistan Liberation Front on condition that BLF abandons its policy of using unnecessary forces against the Baloch nation. We believe that because of such actions of BLF, the Baloch freedom movement is losing the support of the Baloch nation. We consider the Baloch nation our main sources of power and strength and we will not support the unnecessary use of forces against them. Forcibly shutting down businesses of the local Baloch population and bursting the tyres of Baloch transports doesn’t help Baloch struggle in any way or defeats Pakistan. Nor does such actions get us closer to our main objective of independent Balochistan.

We now announce to dissolve the three-member committee responsible for negotiations with BLF about coordination and unity because BLF is meddling in internal issues of the organisation (BLA) and supporting members who are trying to escape accountability. For time being there will be no efforts of cooperation with the current leadership of BLF until the sincere and dedicated members of BLF pressurise their leadership to change the current wrong policies, they stop working as Iranian proxy and convince their leadership to use their energy against the enemy (Pakistan) instead of Baloch civilians.

We are aware that many sincere activists of BLF are not happy with the attitude of their current leadership and they are striving to bring reform in their organisation. We hope they will succeed in their efforts. We will rearrange our strategies and doctrine to make the struggle more effective against the enemy, Pakistani state.

We announce to suspend Aslam Baloch and Bashirzeb Baloch for an indefinite period and terminate the secondary spokespersons, Meerak Baloch and Jeehand Baloch. Azad Baloch will remain organisation’s only, and the official spokesperson. The media should only regard Azad Baloch’s statements as the official statements of BLA.


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