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Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Eight Pakistani military personnel were killed in last night attack by BLA on FC compound Ahmed wall Nushki

Eight Pakistani military personnel were killed in last night attack by BLA on FC compound Ahmed wall Nushki

A spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Army “Jeehand Baloch” said on Saturday that last night  In the memory of Baloch Martyrs Day and in reaction of killing Baloch women and children in Marwarh operation by Pakistani forces the Baloch freedom fighters attacked the Main camp of Pakistani forces from all directions in Ahmed wall area of nushki meanwhile our Sniper and machine gun teams attacked the post of Ahmed wall camp near Kharan cross. As a result of this attack eight personnel of Pakistani forces were killed and several others got injured. BLA accepts the responsibility of this attack.
Talking to NNI from an undisclosed location Jeehand said We have abondoned the policy of saving women and children of Pakistani forces in the war just after when Pakistani army broke the international rules of war by killing and abducting Baloch women and children and silence of human rights organisations in Marwarh operation. The attack on the tents of military personnel in Ahmed wall compound was a little signal of our reaction. Despite all of this If the human rights organisations remain silent on  these ruthless acts of the Pakistani forces in future, then the women and children of the enemy will not be safe and human rights organizations will not have any logic to howl.
He said, As a responsible organisation we have respected and followed every Human rights, war rules, and Balochi principles from the day first but now Pakistani military and their agents are compelling us to end all the laws and trample them under our feet to take a ruthless revenge from them.
In future,  we will  keep recalling our great Martyrs on 13th november and will continue deadly attacks on Pakistani forces.

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