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Posted by on Nov 6, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Heavy casualities reported in Bolan military operation

Heavy casualities reported in Bolan military operation

Pakistani military and other security forces have attacked several regions of Bolan Balochistan on Thursday reportedly killing and injuring several people.

According Humgaam News Pakistani forces have laid a siege around Lakkad, Pul Kadi and Teer Tank areas of Bolan since past three days.

“They have attacked several households in these areas and killed many people but due to the siege the exact number of casualties could not be confirmed.

“The Pakistan forces blocked all the exit and entrance routes to the aforementioned areas making it impossible for people to take the wounded civilians to any nearby hospitals for treatment.” the Humgaam News reported.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistani forces have been continuously attacking Baloch civilian populations in Bolan, Sibbi and other surrounding area from past one month.

However, now the military offensives have been expanded to other adjoining areas where Pakistan forces have been setting crops and people’s houses on fire.

(Courtesy Balochwarna)

The shelling of Pakistani helicopters in different areas of Bolan has been recorded in videos which will be publish soon at

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