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Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Featured, News | 0 comments

BLA targeted Pakistani President’s son in Hub.

BLA targeted Pakistani President’s son in Hub.

Baloch Liberation Army accepted the responsibility of attack on the convoy of Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain’s son in Hub city.

While talking to NNI from an unidentified location via satellite phone the Spokesman of Baloch Liberation Army “Meerak Baloch” said that Baloch freedom fighters attacked the convoy of Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain’s son with a remote controlled bomb in city of Hub.

The purpose of such attacks is to show that Baloch Liberation Army can and will take the revenge of every cruelty inflicted on Baloch people. Any person, group or any party who are involved in crimes of Pakisatani forces will be considered criminal and will be treated as an enemy.

All the oppressed Baloch people who were killed in Kalat and Johan will be avanged. On this occasion we want to clarify to all those who are involved in war crimes with Pakistani forces through backdoor channels or who support the evil occupier will not be forgiven in any case because they stand with the enemy and the enemies of nation do not deserve any exception.

We also warn all investors and foreign companies that they should not become part of any kind of exploitation projects against the consent of Baloch otherwise we reserve the right to attack them.

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