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Posted by on May 18, 2015 in News | 0 comments

BLA fighters thwarted siege of their camp by Pakistani forces. Meerak Baloch

BLA fighters thwarted siege of their camp by Pakistani forces. Meerak Baloch

Pakistani forces attacked the BLA camp in Nagao area. Pakisatni forces were aided with Heliopters and other contingents. While talking to NNI Meerak Baloch said Pakistani forces attacked our camp in Nagao early in the morning. Forces were tried hard to capture the camp but Baloch freedom fighters sucsessfully countered their siege in a response strategy. The fierce battle continued the whole day and Pakistani forces faced heavy casualities.

After failure the occupying forces started targeting Baloch civilians. Reportedly many Baloch children and women have been killed and injured. There are reports that large-scale armed operations against the Baloch people have been launched and these attacks are carried out simultaneously at different areas and there is strong chances of the casualties of unarmed civilian Baloch. Because of the wide area achieving quick reports is not possible, therefore as soon as the facts will come out it will be brought to the public.

Beside this Meerak Baloch said that Baloch freedom fighters targeted two agents of Pakistani intelligence agencies in Quetta.
He said that fighters from their organisation killed two agents of Pakistani intelligence agencies near Degree collage Quetta. BLA accepts the responsibility of killing them.

He warned that any one found in Baloch enimity will be treated same.

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