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Posted by on Mar 1, 2015 in News | 0 comments

BLA attacked a Pakistani military convoy in Mashkey. Jeehand

BLA attacked a Pakistani military convoy in Mashkey. Jeehand

Baloch Liberation Army accepted the responsibility of ambush attack on Pakistani fores in Mashkey and a Chromite carrying truck in nokjo area of Nushki.

While talking to media outlets from an unidentified location via satellite phone the Spokesperson of BLA “Jeehand Baloch” said that Baloch freedom fighters ambushed a convoy of Pakistani forces in Mashkey when the convoy was on its way from Gajjar to Parwar. As a result of this attack several Pakistani troops were killed and injured.

He further said BLA targetted two Chromite carrying trucks in Nokjo area of Nushki with heavy weapons and BLA warn all the transporters that they should refrain from supporting and participating the occupying state in exploitation of Baloch resources otherwise they will be responsible for any consequences.

The War of Liberation will continue until last bullet and last soldier, Vowed Jeehand.

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