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Posted by on Feb 21, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Pakistani agents refrain from Baloch enmity. BLA

Pakistani agents refrain from Baloch enmity. BLA

The Spokesman of Baloch Liberation Army “Azad Baloch” accepted the responsibility of bomb attack on the hideout of Pakistani agent Rabozing Marri in Kohlu.

While talking to media outlets from an unidentified location via satellite phone Azad Baloch said, The Baloch freedom fighters as a warning attacked the home of Pakistani agent Rabozing Marri. as a result some friends of Rabozing Marri were injured.

This attack is last warnning for Rabozing Marri and all other tratiors that they should stop working against Baloch Liberation Movement otherwise the punishment of this crime is only death.

BLA shall continue attacks on such offenders, vowed Mr Azad.

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