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Posted by on Oct 24, 2014 in News | 0 comments

BLA targetted Pakistani forces convoy in Quetta.

BLA targetted Pakistani forces convoy in Quetta.

BLA accepts the responsibility of attack on convoy of Pakistani forces in Qambrani road Quetta.
The spokesman of BLA “Meerak Baloch” while talking to NNI from an undisclosed location said Baloch freedom fighters have attacked on the convoy of Pakistani forces with a Remote controlled bomb in Qambrani road Quetta. As result a vehicle of Pakistani forces was destroyed and three personnel died on spot while four others sustained injuries. Meerak said after the attack occupying forces opened indiscrimnate fire on civilians injuring many.

He added that ُPakistani intelligence agencies are continously killing members of Hazara community. The agencies then use these attacks as excuse to raid Baloch localities and impose brutalities upon the civilians. They Pakistani forces also try to portray Baloch nation as religious extremists with these attacks.

Mr. Baloch added that we consider killing of innocent and oppressed people as inhumane.

Meerak Baloch also said that Lashkar e Balochistan should avoid taking responsibilities of our operations. “The incompetent leadership of Lashkar e Balochistan should concentrate on their activities instead of claiming responsibilities for other’s armed activities,” he added.


Mr. Baloch said that Pakistani forces have also attacked Baloch civilian in different areas of Kohistan marri with fighter planes. This has killed one woman while injuring many others including children.

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