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Posted by on Jul 26, 2014 in News | 0 comments

The Key informant “Bangul” of Heliborne operation in Kalat has been arrested. Baloch Liberation Army

The Key informant “Bangul” of Heliborne operation in Kalat has been arrested. Baloch Liberation Army

Bangul has confessed about local agents of ISI in Parod, Neemarg, Bencha, Dasht Goran areas of Kalat.

Col. Tahir asked me to access BLA camps, I informed ISI about friends of Deedag later their dead bodies were found, ISI Agent Bangul Mengal confesses

The Spokesman of BLA Jeehand Baloch, while talking to media outlets, has said that the main informant of ISI in Heliborne operation of 7th april 2014 in Parod has been arrested by BLA, during investigation he made many disclosures.

The ISI agent Bangul Khan confessed that two years ago Aslam Mohd Hassani met me along with an officer of Pakistani intelligence agencies and they gave me the task of reporting about camps of Baloch freedom fighters, in this meeting the Colonel of FC Kalat Tahir was also present. Col. Tahir tasked me for weekly reporting about BLA camps. After failure in infiltrating in BLA I joined another organisation and while delivering weapons to Deedagh I informed ISI about him and his two friends through their mobile numbers and they were arrested in a raid.

“Later one of them was found dead. Col. Tahir awarded me 15 thousand for this success. He also asked me to stay close to freedom fighters and if u succeed in killing BLA commanders we will give you 50 Lakh rupees. I gave ISI the details of vehicles, motorbikes and the rationing system of BLA.

“I told Col. Tahir that Safar Khan M. Hasani is supplying ration to BLA. He later asked me to set explosives in vehicles of BLA and told me that He will gave me two explosive experts for this task. I told him that it is not possible for outsiders to access the areas controlled by BLA. He then changed the plan and asked me to damage the vehicles driven by BLA commanders so that they are harmed in accidents. I removed the bolts from their vehicles but the BLA commanders survived the accidents.

“Later Col. Tahir asked me to stay away from BLA camps in next week and then the operation of 7th April was carried out by Pakistani military. My last meeting with Col. Tahir was 20 days before my arrest. I had come to install a chip in BLA’s camp because there was a military operation planned in coming days but I got arrested by BLA here.”


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