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Posted by on Apr 9, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Three members of BLA embraced martyrdom in 7th April’s operation

Three members of BLA embraced martyrdom in 7th April’s operation

The spokesman of BLA, Meerak Baloch has said: “Sangat Ameer ul Mulk aka Jamal Jan, Gazen Baloch and Shera Baloch embraced martyrdom on 7th April while fighting with Pakistani forces. On 7th April thirteen gunship helicopters attacked Parodh camp near Kalat, which were aided on ground with Special Operation Task Force (SOTF) who tried to surround BLA camp in Half Moon Pattern of Inner Cordon. Despite continuous shelling by gunship Helicopters the Baloch freedom fighters didn’t allow the enemy to strengthen its position. The three brave sons of motherland entered the lines of enemy and fought with great bravery, which sunk the morale of enemy and Pakistani forces faced heavy losses. The bravery of three friends completely foiled the designs of enemy’s operation.

“In order to take the bodies of fallen heroes to safe locations, the news of their martyrdom was initially not made public.

“Sangat Ameer Ul Mulk joined BLA in 2006 and served in Khuzdar, Quetta and Bolan. He held a prominent position in the ranks of the organisation. His hard work, sincerity and sacrifice will always be remembered. Due to his enduring and tolerating qualities BLA awards him the title of “Phulen Shaheed”. It must be remembered that this title has so far been given to Sangat Zubair Jan, Sangat Sami Jan and Sangat Khaleel Jan.

“The services and activities of Sangat Gazen and Shera are not being made public for the time being due to organizational strategy.

“After suffering defeat at the hands of Baloch freedom fighters the Pakistani forces vented their anger on civilian population and killed many women and children. The houses of Mohammad Ali s/o Mohammad Khan Sasoli, Faqeer s/o Saleh Mohammad Sasoli, Mandah Khan s/o Sabzo Sasoli, Dad Shah s/o Jaam Sasoli, Sher Mohammad s/o Mir Toor Sasoli were bombarded. The shelling by gunship helicopters killed eight-year-old Saffi Ullah s/o Molvi Illahi Baksh Sanari and injured six-year-old Bibi Nusra Gul s/o Noor Shah Sasoli and 25 year old Jan Mohammad s/o Jaan Shah.

“On 8th April the forces again attacked civilian population in Monjro, Reko and Lije Tok and killed livestock. Many civilians were also arrested whereas their houses were burnt. The area is still cordoned off by the Pakistani forces and the injured are not being allowed to go to the hospitals.

“We also want to clarify it to the Baloch nation that we do not have any operational coordination with any other pro-freedom organisations. The operation on 7th April was a focused one, which the enemy also accepted. No other organisation played any role during the operation on 7th April. News statements by different organisations were a surprise and discomfort for us in this revolutionary wartime.

“The exemplary operational coordination, which BLA had kept from the beginning, was interrupted due to few basic political issues. We, from the beginning, always tried to not involve the armed front in the political matters. Other organisations should also not use armed segments as an aid in these political issues because this will further create complications, which could never be beneficial for the struggle.”

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