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Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in Featured | 0 comments

BLA shots down Pakistani gunship helicopter, Scores of many Commandos also killed

BLA shots down Pakistani gunship helicopter, Scores of many Commandos also killed

A spokesman of Baloch Liberation Army, Meerak Baloch, has said that Zarar and Karar Companies of Special Services Group (SOTF) targeted Parodh camp of BLA today. Our fighters, with their successful fighting strategy, failed Pakistani plan and freedom fighters retaliated at the forces with full enthusiasm. The retaliatory attack by Baloch freedom fighters killed many commandos of Pakistani forces and injured several others.
 A Baloch freedom fighter on anti aircraft gun fought with great bravery and valor and attacked helicopters of Pakistani forces. One military chopper of Pakistani forces has completely been destroyed by him. Baloch Liberation Army award the title of “Tik Theer” to this brave son of Baloch land.
 Mr. Meerak Baloch added that Pakistani forces after being defeated attacked on civilian population and killed many innocent women and children.
“After the continuous Pakistani violations of international laws, BLA has changed its organisational doctrine for the safety of Baloch nation. Many nations in the civilised world, in order to save its public, have taken the battlefield to the areas of enemy. We will also adopt this right of ours so that we can save our people from the enemy,” Mr. Baloch stated.

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