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Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Martyr Abdul Hai, Akram Shah and Gulzar Baloch were brave soldiers of BLA

Martyr Abdul Hai, Akram Shah and Gulzar Baloch were brave soldiers of BLA

“Martyr Abdul Hai Baloch a.k.a. Haio, Karam Shah a.k.a Tariq Baloch and Gulzar Baloch a.k.a Aajiz Baloch, who embraced martyrdom in an accidental bomb blast in November 2012, were gallant and courageous members of BLA,” said the spokesman of BLA, Jeeand Baloch, while talking to journalists via a satellite phone.

He said that Abdul Hai, Karam Shah and Tariq Baloch embraced martyrdom on 8th November 2012 while preparing for an important mission of the organisation called “Mission Bairgeer” or “Mission Vengeance”. “Due to organizational strategy we are announcing the news about the martyrdom of our courageous friends now,” said Mr. Jeenad Baloch.

Mr. Jeeand Baloch added that Martyr Abdul Hai joined the armed struggle in 2008 and participated in many valorous armed activities in Khuzdar and adjoining areas. He was the elder brother of Martyr Majeed Zehri and son of Martyr Haji Ramzan Zehri.

“Baloch Liberation Army values the priceless sacrifices of this family and pays them rich tribute. By sacrificing three family members this family has created an unprecedented example.” Mr. Baloch added.

Mr. Jeeand Baloch said that Martyr Karam Shah a.k.a Tariq Baloch was also a very active member of the organisation and participated in enormous fronts from the day he joined the movement till his martyrdom. Martyr Gulzar was a young and ambitious Member of the movement and acted valorously in many armed activities in his life.

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