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Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Balochistan mass graves: Three previously abducted Balochs’ bodies identified

Balochistan mass graves: Three previously abducted Balochs’ bodies identified

Chairman, Voice of Baloch Missing Persons, Naseerullah Baloch has warned that if the lingering issue of missing persons is not resolved, till the long march arrive in Islamabad, the next destination of the long march will be Geneva. Addressing a press conference at the Balochistan House on Friday, he informed that around 100 bodies have been recovered from a mass grave in Khuzdar and among them three person have been identified as missing persons.

Citing DC Khuzdar, who he said had claimed that 25 disfigured bodies had been recovered, Baloch said actual figure is more than 100. He blamed the gunfire was opened when the heirs tried to reach the mass grave. He blamed the access of media and human rights bodies have been denied to these graves.

He claimed the mass graves were also recovered in Pishin and Panjgor, and further claimed the existence of torture cell of local death squad near to these graves. He said we moved to Supreme Court but Balochistan govt and the lawyers of the secret agencies are causing unnecessary delays to these cases and presenting wrong facts and figures in the apex court.

He slammed the United States and human rights organisations for their silence over the state of affair. He blamed that in fact agencies are running the affairs in Balochistan. He called for stepping down of the Balochistan government. He showed his no confidence on the commissions constituted for the recovery of the missing persons blaming that the statement recorded for the missing persons was often found missing from the record.

Coming hard the Defence Minister Khawaja Asif who he said made a false promise with them for the recovery of missing persons and blamed him supporting the secret agencies in the Supreme Court. He said that the long march has reached Multan. The participants of the long march particularly women and children are being given tough time by the secret agencies.

To a question, he said bodies of three persons who had been recovered from a mass grave were identified as Qadir Bux s/o Muskan, Muhammad Naseer and Muhammad Umar, whereas rest of the bodies were mutilated and beyond recognition. To another question, he said we do not have any confidence on Pakistani institutions and therefore, we are demanding the support from an international body for their cause. Yet to another question, he replied the recovery of the missing persons is a matter of day if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif shows his sincerity on the issue. Responding to a question, he said that legal action should be taken against any person if he is an accused his name is in the list of missing persons.

Nasrullah Baloch said the long march had reached Multan, he alleged that the participants, women and children among them, are being given tough time by the secret agencies.

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