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Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Baloch History | 0 comments

A Page From the Past


Apr 29: Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo appointed Governor Balochistan
May 1: Sardar Ataullah Mengal becomes chief minister of NAP-JUI coalition government in Balochistan
Oct 20: Leaders of major political parties reach understanding about future constitution
Dec 24: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan returns from eight-year exile in Kabul


January: Federal troops ordered to counter insurgency in Balochistan

February 10: The Iraqi consulate is raided to confiscate illegal ammunition smuggled from Russia. Involvement is suspected in the recent Balochistan and NWFP uprisings.

Balochistan government dismissed
February 13: Presidential rule is imposed on Balochistan. The Mengal government is dismissed on charges of involvement in the Iraqi consulate arms smuggling scandal.

The axe falls on the NWFP
February 15: The NWFP Governor Arbab Sikander Khan Khalil and Balochistan Governor Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo have been dismissed, accused of involvement in the Iraqi consulate conspiracy. Chief Minister NWFP Mufti Mahmood of the JUI has resigned in protest.

January: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the seasoned leader from the N.W.F.P. has been confined by the government to his village. He has just returned from eight-year exile in Kabul.

Jul 20: UDF observes “Balochistan Day” to protest against suppression of democratic rights in province

Aug 14: Baloch leaders, including Mengal, arrested under Article 280 of newly enforced constitution


Wali Khan declares war
July: Wali Khan, the most important political leader in the NWFP, seems to have reached the end of his patience. Refering to the Bhutto regime’s sacking of the NAP-JUI government, the Pakhtoon leader is reported to have announced at a public gathering that the time for appeals has passed and his followers will now meet force with force.

White Paper blacks out the truth
October 19: The federal government has issued a White Paper on Baluchistan, claiming that the situation in that province is now normal and the army will be withdrawn in the near future. According to unofficial estimates, some 80,000 to 100,000 army personnel have been deployed in the province since trouble first broke out in Lasbela nearly two years ago. The White Paper also states that 5,501 rebels have surrendered, and 385 killed. These figures are disputed by the NAP. Meanwhile, three major NAP leaders, Mengal, Marri and Bizenjo are still in prison.


Frontier Clampdown
February 10: Apparently in retaliation for the murder of its prime supporter in the NWFP on January 8 (Sherpao, left), the PPP government has banned the National Awami Party, accusing it of involvement in activities aimed at undermining the solidarity and sovereignty of the country. Top ranking party members, including Wali Khan, Arbab Sikander Khalil and Nawab Sikander Bakhsh, are arrested.

Jun 16: Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Hamoodur Rehman begins hearing case ‘Govt vs. NAP’ case; Attorney General Yahya Bakhtiar represents government against defence led by Mahmood Ali Kasuri.

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