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Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in News | 0 comments

13 November Baloch Martyrs Day: Hyrbyair Marri appeals Baloch Nation to unite in remembering national heroes


Quetta : Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri said in a statement on Wednesday that Baloch national liberation struggle was gaining momentum on international level because of the sacrifices of Baloch fallen heroes.

“He said the Martyrs of liberation struggle laid their precious lives for Balochistan’s national interest and for bright future of next Baloch generations instead of serving any particular party, group or tribe..

Hyrbyair Marri said: “When the fallen heroes of struggle did not make any distinguish then why we [Baloch] should, as the claimant of their struggle divide them in the name of small groups or parties. This way we are not doing justice to the cause of those unnamed martyrs who laid their lives for the freedom of our motherland.”

He further said all the Baloch heroes of freedom struggle from Khan Mehrab Khan to Ilyas Nazar, Abid Salim, Majeed and Dad Shah Baloch equally wanted to free Balochistan from the yoke of occupying Iran and Pakistan and they had consciously joined the freedom struggle. Hence all the martyrs deserve equal tributes without any discrimination on a united national remembrance day, he said.

Mr Marri requested all pro-freedom Baloch parties to make collective arrangements on 13 November to pay their homages to martyrs of Baloch freedom struggle. He also appealed the Baloch nation to ensure their participation to the programs of pro-independence Baloch parties including the shutter-down call of Baloch Salvation Front on Baloch Martyrs Day.

He said all nations around world not only take pride of their national heroes but they also strive to accomplish their incomplete missions. Similarly the Baloch nation should also on this day renew their resolve to continue the mission of Baloch national heroes so that soon they become the master of their own destiny and rid their country of foreign occupiers.

Hyrbyair Marri said 27 March [Balochistan’s occupation day], 11 August [Balochistan’s Independence Day] and 13 November [Baloch Martyrs Day] are national remembrance days and pro-freedom Baloch parties should collectively mark these days and use their energy for Baloch national liberation.

The Baloch leader appeal the Baloch people that along with remembering Baloch martyrs on 13 November, they should also participate in the long march of voice for Baloch missing persons because Qadeer Baloch is marching for Baloch national interest instead of any personal gains. This march will not only help highlight the Baloch national issue on international but it is also an effort to divert peoples’ thoughts from individualism to united and collective struggle.

Earlier several Baloch pro-independence parties including the BSO-Azad, Baloch National Movement (Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad), Baloch Shuhada-Committee, Baloch Salvation Front, Bugti Mohaban-e-Watan, Baloch Scholars Council and many other Baloch parties and student organisations have announce programs on 13 November to pay their tributes to Baloch national heroes.

Baloch community UK and International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons UK and Canada have also announced events in London and Vancouver on 13 November to pay respects to the Baloch martyrs of liberation struggle.

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